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When viewing this page, it is important to remember that there are many reasons behind a person’s involvement with an eating disorder and that many times, it has nothing to do with food. Eating disorders are about control. There are any number of reasons Beka may have started down the path of choosing an eating disorder as a coping mechanism, but ultimately, it was about having control over something in her life when other things were not in her control. Sadly, in the end, the reverse happened. Anorexia and Bulimia controlled her life.

Anorexia Nervosa is characterized by an intense or irrational fear of body fat and weight gain. Those who suffer from this disorder see themselves as fat while others see them as individuals who are wasting away. Excessive weight loss may be the result of refusal to eat and/or excessive exercise.

Warning Signs of Anorexia Nervosa:

»  Loss of menstrual period

»  False body perception

»  Dramatic weight loss in a relatively short period of time

»  Perfectionist or rigid control of lifestyle

»  Intense fear of becoming fat or overweight

Harmful effects of Anorexia Nervosa:

»  Monthly periods stop, reproductive system possibly damaged

»  Organs deteriorate

»  Depression

Protective layer of body fat is gone resulting in the body becoming colder more quickly Due to the protective layer of body fat being depleted, the body bruises more easily. This can be dangerous especially if a person has fainting spells as a result of starvation. Heart decay and slower heart rate Muscle tissue wastes away as the body searches for food Bulimia Nervosa is described as a cycle of binging and purging.

This is a dangerous combination that can be fatal as it tends to involve purging after “binge eating” by use of vomiting, laxatives, diet pills, diuretics or excessive exercise.

Some of the warning signs of Bulimia Nervosa:

»  Fluctuating, but normal weight

»  Binge eating in secret

»  Binge eating followed by self induced vomiting

»  Laxative, fasting or exercise abuse after a binge

»  Perfectionist and people pleaser type personality

»  Food is an escape or comfort measure 

Harmful effects of Bulimia Nervosa:

»  Irregular heart beat may occur

»  Electrolyte imbalance as a result of purging

»  Tooth decay as a result of stomach acid

»  Possible rupture of the esophagus as a result of vomiting

»  Constipation

»  Depression

»  Addiction to appetite suppressants and diet pills

»  Organ damage

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