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I cannot begin to tell you the tears and prayers that occurred the next day as we agonized over what to do. The treatment stay at Remuda would need to be for 45 days minimum so we would need to get the financial details ironed out between what the insurance would pay and what we would be responsible to pay and that would take time. With her departure date for Chicago just two days away we did not have much time to make the best decision about what to do.  We felt that perhaps a change to such a spiritually challenging place as Moody Bible School would help in the healing. We also felt it would be emotionally devastating to Beka if she didnít go to college as planned and perhaps that might hinder her healing. After setting some things in place we decided we would let Beka go to Moody. Those things were:

1) A Physical exam in which the doctor said she was doing okay physically and should be able to do okay at school (We now know that many doctors have neither been trained in understanding eating disorders nor know what caution parents to look for).

2)Beka would see a Christian Counselor at Moody who had a knowledge of eating disorders.

3) The school was informed of her condition.

4)A contract was made between her and us in which she agreed to come home if she went under a certain weight we had set with her.

5). She would see a nutritionist while at college.

Beka and I both wrote in our journals about the peace of our decision and felt that it was the right answer at this time. I, too, had struggled with bulimia, unknown to my family, but had shared it with Beka that week, which opened the door for us to talk. She blossomed at Moody as evidence in conversations with her and as we later discovered in her journals after her death.

However, pressures from school work and relationships with others mounted and her struggles began again. Her heart also began hurting her so our doctor said she should get an electrocardiogram when she came home in March for two weeks. We did that and had the doctor give her another physical. The doctor said she couldnít see anything and that she was sure it would be all right for her to go back to school. I had begun to know at that time after spending time with Beka, that she was going to need extra help. She and I also talked about the fact that so many girls were dealing with this up at school. Beka wanted to reach out and help them but didnít know how. I remember saying to her, " Well, Beka, perhaps once you are healed, God wants to use you to help others." She only had six weeks of school left and then we had planned to send her to Remuda Ranch.

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