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Rebekah Kathryn Stewart

II. Cor. 4:7

Jan. 26, 1979 - May 2, 1998

Daughter, Sister, Aunt, True Friend. Our beautiful little piano player. She is in the presence of God due to her battle with anorexia and bulimia, but I refuse to let her life be lost in vain. We miss you, Beka! Love, Jenn


Dear Friends,

My name is Diane Stewart. I am Bekaís Mom. Her Dad, Wes, and I miss our daughter very much. This web site is dedicated to helping others find their way to getting help with a very deadly enemy: Eating Disorders.


I would like to share some of her story with you. Beka (short for Rebekah) died May 2, 1998 due to complications from her eating disorder of anorexia and bulimia. The last year of her life was spent in a heavy battle when the bulimia she had flirted with in her teen years (unknown to us) turned into full blown war with anorexia in her last year of life. I will not go into all the details here, but will attempt to condense it. Beka was the youngest of four children. The summer preceding her death, I had begun to get concerned about Beka and her increasing thinness. She had always been a little overweight and had struggled with her weight as I had. She graduated from high school May 1997. At that time, Beka was really at her medically correct weight for her height and size, although she was reaching it via improper means. During the summer of 1997, she began to lose a little more weight through getting rid of her food after she ate (bulimia). Knowing this probably wasnít the best for her, she began to stop eating so she wouldnít be tempted to throw up and thus anorexia entered the picture. Simultaneously, she also began to she began to get a lot of affirmation from family members and friends who commented that she was looking really good. She was a very goal-oriented, perfectionist and determined young lady who worked hard at accomplishing things. Unaware as parents that these conditions are many times red flags to watch, we didnít know to look for any underlying problems. Beka had always been the uncomplaining child, the "good" child who didnít cause any problems, and had a desire and a love to help people. Out of four children, she was the one we didnít have to worry about, right? WRONG.

In preparation for helping others, Beka was planning to leave her home in Tempe, AZ to begin her college education at Moody Bible Institute located in Chicago, IL in January 1998. Three days before she was to leave for school Beka asked me to go with her to be evaluated for an eating disorder at Remuda Ranch (treatment center for women with eating disorders located in Wickenburg, AZ) This was a brave act for Beka. We say "brave" because an eating disorder is a very private and secret addiction and can only began to be dealt with when that person admits it to someone. Beka wanted help because she knew she could not battle this on her own. The health professionals there confirmed she had an eating disorder. Our family was stunned and lacking knowledge in that area, we were unsure of what the best option for treatment would be.

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